Sign Panel Applications
Alumalite & Econolite
CPA Core, Aluminum Surface

Post and Panel

Econolite is colorfast, water insensitive, lightweight, easy to fabricate, requires no edge sealing, has a smooth, glossy surface and is available in 12 colors. If you intend to use Econolite or D-Lite in a post and panel installation, use two, 2" x 4" stringers across the top and bottom of the span between the two posts. (See installation instructions on page 39.) This is required for proper support and adds rigidity to the panel, preventing the sign from flexing and bowing in the wind. It also helps to prevent damage to the panel during installation of the posts into the ground.

Alumalite is strong, (doesn’t require stringers), colorfast, water insensitive, lightweight, easy to fabricate, requires no edge sealing, has a smooth, glossy surface and is available in 12 colors.

Multiple Panels,
Billboards, Fascias

Perfect for large signs, canopies and more...

Edge sealing wood core panels in joints between panels is a very difficult task. Proper edge sealing dictates 1/16" of uniform caulk in the joint that covers the edges of the plywood completely. However, Alumalite and Econolite solve this problem and can extend the life of your billboards as much as 3-4 times longer than MDO. Alumalite and Econolite won't warp, swell or rot like traditional MDO billboards. Imagine the money you could save by not replacing rotted MDO plywood on your billboard every 2-3 years.

Econolite is only backed on one side and needs more support.

Alumalite, when properly fastened, offers plenty of strength, especially when supported on 48" rail spans to withstand Mother Nature's worst. Alumalite is also recommended for decorative fascias and raceways. It resists wrinkling in large-scale applications—won't "oil can" like big sheets of aluminum. For reliable stability that allows for expansion and contraction, you can "float" your Alumalite panels from angle iron fastened to the building.

Cut-Out Shapes
Used for signs, displays and fixtures...

Alumalite can be fabricated easily with a jigsaw, band saw, router, and table or panel saws. Easily painted or screened, Alumalite makes cut-outs as easy as 1-2-3. Finished edges can be achieved by using color matched Edge Cap® which can be heated and made to conform to the desired shape by wrapping the edges with vinyl, or by filling the flutes along the edges with a color selected caulk.

Wall Mount
For use when panel strength is less-important...

Econolite: Since you only need one finished side, and the panel strength is less important, our one-sided Econolite or D-Lite are recommended; however, all other Laminators’ boards also work well.

Econolite is ideal for wall mounted applications. The economical price of Econolite combined with the durable colorfast surface and water resistant properties make it the natural choice. Econolite faces are anchored to a rigid core and won't “oil can” (wrinkled look) or distort in the sun like ordinary painted aluminum sheet or expanded PVC foams. Also it won't become brittle when exposed to sub-zero temperatures. Remember to allow for thermal expansion when drilling fastener holes. Econolite can simplify sign construction and save you time and money. Just cut to size, apply graphics, and install using screws, lag bolts, exterior VHB tape or panel construction adhesive (follow manufacturers instructions for proper use).
It's just that easy.

Electrical Signs
From channel letterbacks and push-through letters to
laser engraving and screen printing...

Recognized UL component

Alumalite™ can be used as a structural backer in place of wood core letter back products or as a routed face, without changes to your UL procedural manual. (UL File number E60612).

Why Laminators for Channel Letterbacks?

  • Ten times stronger than .060 aluminum sheet.
  • Alumalite strength minimizes costly damage to channel letters
  • Alumalite replaces expensive welding labor, routs faster, and elimiantes the need to paint letters after assembly

The thicker acrylic inserts protrude beyond the opaque face to create a halo effect around illuminated copy. Alumalite helps reduce the overall weight of the sign box, comes pre-painted, saving labor and material costs, and the unique design of the corrugated core lends itself perfectly to this application.

Alumalite is the ideal material for use with push-through letters. It routs like butter, and it is easy to handle. Almost 10 times stronger than .060 aluminum sheet, it provides significantly more rigidity for larger letters or sign faces.

Alumalite and Econolite both offer a flat, smooth surface that lends itself well to Laser Engraving and Screen Printing applications. However, prolonged exposure to heat in excess of 250°F is not recommended. Follow the manufacturer's recommended procedures for covering a wax and silicone free, polyester paint surface.

When screen printing, consult ink manufacturer prior to production, and always pretest inks for proper adhesion. Panel surface should be cleaned after removing masking film to remove any adhesive residue, body oils, or other contaminants




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